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Discussion on: Building your own private Kubernetes cluster on a Raspberry PI 4 with K3S

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Chris Carr • Edited on

Well done - I have just set up my own K3S cluster on 3 RPi's for my own experimentation. A tip for you: In the Imager, you can press Ctrl-Shift-X to bring up the options and set the wireless settings and hostname (and other things) there.

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Sahan Author • Edited on

Hey @chriscarrau 👋 Glad to hear you are also experimenting with your cluster too! Btw, that tip's fantastic! You are absolutely right. I can merge two steps into one with that now. I'll update the post and mention your comment in this article as well as my blog. Cheers!

Update: All good! I have updated the post with a new section "Recent updates" 🎉