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Used express, meteor, and nest in my projects.

Express.js: for small-scale projects or side projects, I prefer sticking with this good old framework because of its minimal footprint and mature ecosystem (for every problem I likely run into, there is a decent solution)

Meteor.js: I like how easy it is to get email/social authentication up and running, as well as its realtime data pub/sub mechanism. I felt it lacks of active community support, just check when was the last post on

Nest.js: I find writing unit test has more overhead (all the module DI and mocks 🤦‍♂️). Using third-party libraries might take more effort to look for the Nest.js version, e.g.: bull and nest-bull. I would consider Nest.js only for mid-to-large-scale projects, plus the dev team are all on board with DI, modulization, and things

Played with LoopBack for a little while then switched to Meteor

BTW: shoutout from Melbourne mate


Interesting, thanks for the reply! And hi from Tbilisi, Georgia!

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