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Essential features of the remarkable UberEats Clone app

Developing an app like UberEats is the perfect business idea as the food industry has experienced drastic growth in the past few years. If you wish to enter this industry immediately, then the UberEats Clone app is the best recommended solution as it saves time and cost.

UberEats Clone has four panels: the Admin Panel, Customer App, Restaurant app, and Delivery person app. Have a look at some of the essential features of these panels.

Admin panel features

The Database Management feature will allow you to manage all the data of the restaurants, registered users, and delivery person.
Using the Offer Management feature, you can deploy deals, offers, and discounts.
You can manage the payment received from the users with the help of Revenue Management.
The Feedback Management feature will let you manage the reviews which have been given by the users.
You can send Notifications to the users, delivery person, and restaurants via SMS and email.

Restaurant app features

To use the app, the restaurant owner has to create a Profile upon registering using a social media account.
The restaurant owner can Customize the Menu as per their choice in the UberEats clone app.
The Order Management feature allows the restaurant owners to track the number of orders they have received, order delivered, and new orders.
Using the Payment Management feature, the restaurant owners can manage the payments received by the customers.
The restaurant owners have the option to proffer offers, discounts, and rewards. They can Manage special offers in the food delivery app.

Customer app features

The customers can choose the Quick Onboarding process in which they can sign up or register using social media accounts. They can even opt for a manual registration process by specifying the required details.
Customers can Search nearby restaurants based on the locations, cuisines, timings, and other similar things.
They can Browse from the available menu and select the food to order.
Once they have chosen the food, it will be added automatically to the Cart. They have the option to delete the food before confirming the order.
They can know about new restaurants, new features, or discounts/offers via Push Notifications.
When the app prompts them to make payment, they can choose the available payment options according to their convenience.
Moreover, they can track the order status in real-time via the UberEats clone app.

Delivery person app features

The delivery person has to register with the app and create a profile by specifying details such as name, contact details, and account details. Also, they have to upload the necessary documents.
Once the delivery person accepts the delivery request, they get the Order details, including the contact details and location of the customers.
The delivery person can View order history on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
The Receive multiple deliveries feature will let the delivery person to get multiple orders at the same time. They can save time and effort by delivering numerous orders to a nearby location.
The app sends a notification regarding any changes in the policy or delivery location to the delivery person.

Final words

I hope so, you will get an idea about the feature-set integration into the UberEats Clone app Consider new features to make your on-demand food delivery app stand out from the rivals.
Well, most companies provide the UberEats Clone script that enables you to launch your app in a jiffy.

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Nice info!

I would like to add some additional info about the UberEats like app development.

Tech stack plays the vital role in the UberEats like app development. The Startups who're planning to launch UberEats like app for their food delivery startup, they must know their competition in the industry and they have to derive the solution to the overcome the competition and how to stand over the competition.

The advanced tech stack will help them to be unique and rise over the competition. Flutter is the one of finest technology to develop an UberEats like app for your business. It's also reduce the development time and cost.

Here's an one of the example for a UberEats like app built with Flutter

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Kurt Forward

I also found the list of apps similar to Uber at I am interested in apps development and would like to have a product built on the same technologies.

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Its John, Nice to read this article.
Thanks for sharing this post