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HTML, CSS and JavaScript Learning Resources

I realised very early on that web development is something that you're always learning. With this in mind wanted to share the resources that I'm using to get started and learn the basics. I'm currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To help those who may have just started learning or want to but have no idea where to start I've compiled a number of different resources.


Courses are the first and what I have found to be the most welcoming and easiest way for myself as a newcomer to begin learning. Here are some of my recommendations.

Traversy Media

Brad of Traversy Media is the first instructor I discovered and found the most effective in my learning journey. I initially found him on YouTube and tried out his Crash Courses on HTML and CSS to get a taste of web development and what it initially consists of.

Brad does a great job of explaining everything, including multiple ways of doing one thing. This is great as his preferred way of doing certain things may not be for everyone. His courses on Udemy are incredibly well structured with some really fun projects too.


freeCodeCamp offers a wide wide variety of courses from Responsive Web Design and Machine Learning with Python as well as Coding Preparation. Best of all? It's all free! As well as the coding challenges which total up to roughly 1,400 hours of work FCC also consists of Web Development projects as well which test the skills you've learnt and picked up from the main course itself.

A massive part of FCC is the community as well. Their forum offers space for those working on the courses in case you get stuck or are unsure of what you're doing or where to go next. They also have spaces in the forum on Design and career advice too.

If you are able, I highly recommend you donate to FCC once you complete any of their courses.


Communities are something I seriously underestimated initially are a vital part of your journey in becoming a developer. Being able to share, discuss and help with other developers learning like yourself or even experienced developers who are more than happy to help you is a massive help in learning the profession but also your mentality towards it. is a very powerful tool when it comes to community. The number of articles, videos, podcasts and guides freely available feels somewhat infinite. There is always somebody around to assist you, from very basic concepts to recommendations on tools you should be using.

Dev offers a great platform for both new and experienced developers to share something their learning but also the problems they've faced and how to solve them. Doing this yourself will help you in teaching yourself and possibly helping others in your position.


I had no idea Twitter contained so many passionate developers sharing their journeys. I have never been an avid tweeter but seeing other people in my position sharing their little victories every day in their #100DaysOfCode allowed them to look back at their progress daily to see how their constantly making progress, but it also gave me the confidence to share my journey and open up about my big achievements but also the challenges I'm facing too.


These are websites that I refer to on a daily basis when I need to remind myself of sometimes very basic HTML and CSS that sometimes slips my mind.


CSS TRICKS has been an absolute Godsend for me when it comes to CSS. As well as using it as reference for very particular CSS concepts it also has many extensive guides on Flexbox, Grid, Media Queries and much much more.

W3 Schools

W3 Schools has tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Server Side and a lot more, trust me! Go check it out! I primarily use it as a reference for the most part but if you prefer learning through reading this may be the site for you.


I hope some of these resources help in your journey becoming a Web Developer. If you have any resources you're using that I've missed, please comment below. If you would like to check out some of the great developers I'm following on Twitter or if you would like to follow me on Twitter you can click here! or if you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn then click here instead!

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