Hey there! I'm Chris Whamond

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Hey guys,

I have been coding Ruby on Rails, jQuery/javascript for eight years. I started way back on Rails v1. Before that I had a lot of experience in design as well as HTML and CSS. So I've been at this game a while.

You can find me on GitHub as @

I live in Berlin, but spend some time in Los Angeles, too.

I recently left my last company (after it was sold) and I'm now looking for a full-time gig in Berlin. I'm a full-stack developer

I am currently learning more about combining Rails and React.js. Athough I have experience with Angular.js, I like the fact that React is just view-based and I'm getting used to the component aspect of it. Cool stuff.

Anyway, nice to meet you.

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Ruby on Rails developer since '08, jQuery, all that good stuff. Living out my Berlin years in...Berlin.