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7 Short Tips to Growth as a Developer

chryz_codez profile image Olanrewaju Alaba ・2 min read

I would be talking shortly on growth tips for developers, so let's get started!

  • Do Not Copy and Paste (CTRL C + V)

Type the code your self, it makes a huge difference! When you are getting started you need to be comfortable with code.
The way you can do it is by -you guessed- typing more code! : )
Do not copy and paste
Alt Text

  • Start Sending Your Resume Before You Are Ready

Do not say am not ready, let the market decide if you are or not.
By sending resume and going to interviews, you would realize how much skills and market need, so you can practice more on what's necessary
alt text

  • Soft Skills Are As Important As Technical Skills

It doesn't matter how good you are at coding if you can't present yourself well.
Learn how to write a better resume, market your self and communicate with others.
alt text

  • Work on Your App or Website

You need experience to get a job but you need a job to have experience.
So what should you do?
Create your own app or website for a hypothetical customer and show off your skill.
alt text

  • High Salary vs High Learning Opportunity

Do not choose your first job based on how much you would be paid.
Choose a position where you can learn the most, the money would come later.
Sometimes a low paying internship is worth more than a position with a good a salary.
alt text

  • Be Patient Mastery Takes Time

It takes about 10, 000 hours to maser a skill (Malcom Gladwell, the 10,000 hours' rule).
So just relax and keep coding, you'll get there! : )
alt text

  • Learn to Ask Better Questions

"If you want to the right answer ask the right question"
If you can't find your answer on the internet, check if you are really asking the right questions and if it so...asked an experience person.
alt text

Please kindly comment below for feedback and you can a link up with me at Twitter and on this platform also for more engagement and interaction! :)

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erica (she/her)

Huge +1 on the first tip! When you're first starting out, typing instead of copy/pasting is a great way to get to know your IDE. When you just copy/paste, you don't get the muscle memory that comes with typing code (I never thought I'd get to know the symbol keys so well!). Additionally, IDEs like Visual Studio can be daunting when you're unfamiliar with them, especially when intellisense and autocomplete join the party. Typing out the code helps you see what happens at every step, from function suggestions (there's so much in there!) to closing characters - and potentially realizing that you want to turn off half of the features to best fit your coding style.

ayaofficielle profile image

I love that article ❤️

chryz_codez profile image
shonhomez93 profile image

good tip as a matter of fact i dont think typing is even enough. I write it down in a notebook

zzoukk profile image

Great advices

codeboi profile image
Timothy Rowell

OOps "Do Not Copy and Paste (CTRL C + V)"

leob profile image

Good points, and I love the memes :-)

chryz_codez profile image
sandilem7789 profile image
Sandile Mathenjwa

This is amazing

chryz_codez profile image
Olanrewaju Alaba Author

Thanks Sandile

tankerguy1917 profile image

These are all great tips. I'm going to use a lot if not all of them. Thanks for the article.

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chema profile image
José María CL • Edited

Learn to Ask Better Questions

I agree!

chryz_codez profile image
Olanrewaju Alaba Author

Yeah, when you ask better questions, you get the right response!

sara184 profile image

Amazing article.