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I need help!!

****When I create an app with npx react native init ... and then I start to download all the requerid dependencies od react native. But, suddenly, when I write yarn add react-native-gesture-handler, my app crashes

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This is my package.json:

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Joe Mainwaring • Edited

First off, it's better if you share the text and not screenshots of your console and error, it makes it difficult for people like me to assist you.

Regarding your question, try running npm install before whatever process is giving you the 500 error, based on the error text it implies that a dependency is missing. Just because it's in your package.json manifest does not mean it has been added to the node_modules folder, npm install should help remedy that.

If that isn't the issue, then your next bet will be to find the dependency package that's the problem (looks like react-navigation?) and search the project's issues for anyone else encountering this bug. More often than not, someone else has had the same issue and troubleshooting steps are listed there.

And if there isn't an issue? Create one. The people looking at that project will be the one's best suited to answer your question.

Additional Curveball - I see you're using Windows, sometimes you'll encounter a dependency that is not suited for windows. Keep that in mind.