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1. If you're a frontend developer web developer and you want to build mobile application with web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript)

The Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop applications using web technologies(HTML, CSS & JavaScript). Basically you could build quality applications with rich User Interface for both mobile, desktop and web applications all from one codebase (Awesome isn't it?). You could read more about the framework here

2. It Integrates with popular Frontend Frameworks and Libraries

Ionic makes development easy as it integrates with your popular framework or library. Ionic has official integration with Angular and React while Vue is currently in beta mode. In the previous versions of Ionic, it was tightly coupled to Angular (based on the fact that the framework was built on top of Angular) but now it can work with any other framework of choice (React, Preact, Vue) or with no framework at all.

3. It is Cross-Platform

You can build great web apps, mobile apps(both Android and iOS) and desktop applications all from one code base. No need going through the stress of learning different languages for different platform. Ionic take all that stress away from you so you could focus on the most important task (Building Your App).

4. It is Open Sourced and has a huge Ecosystem

Ionic Framework is a free and open source project, released under the permissible MIT license. This means it can be used in personal or commercial projects for free. There are millions of Ionic developers in over 200 countries worldwide. You could join the community by following the official Twitter Page to stay updated about the latest information, or joining the Slack to meet and chat with other developers. The official Github repo where you could report bugs and/or request new features or you could also join the Ionic Forum for asking questions and sharing Ideas.

Ionic overall is a great framework that's easy to learn and get started with so I'd advise you jump right in and experience the awesomeness of the framework

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Amazing read

09wattry profile image

We're looking at building some desktop PWA that aren't targeted at a mobile audience per se. It seems as though all the examples are mobile-first. Is Ionic the right fit for what we are trying to do?

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Brooks Forsyth

Don't forget PWAs!!! And capacitor makes it easy to build all three with one code base.

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Collins Thomas

Yeah. Completely true.