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Discussion on: What editor, browser and terminal do you use?

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Valts Liepiņš


Code editor: Kakoune
Browser: Qutebrowser
Terminal: Kitty
Shell: Fish

Browser - Qutebrowser

Started using it recently and so far I am very satisfied with it.
It's chromium based browser with vi-inspired modal interface.
It feels much more solid than the modal binding plugins available for firefox, mainly, the bindings work everywhere, not just on the loaded web page.

It also comes with open-editor command, which allows opening any input field for editting in your default text editor (currently using it to write this response).

Code editor - Kakoune

Been stuck on Kakoune ever since I migrated away from vim and emacs(spacemacs).
I chose it for it's unique spin on modal bindings and it's natural approach to multi-cursor editting.
Also huge appeal to me, especially coming from emacs ecosystem, was the focus on unix philosophy of doing one thing well.
Windows management is trusted upon windows manager and has minimal friction when it comes to interacting with system applications.

Terminal - Kitty

Terminals are a messy technology, kitty is an alright terminal emulator.
I mainly switched to it so that I can try out fonts with ligatures.
I do not use it's windows and tabs features, just as plain terminal emulator.

Shell - Fish

Not really sure why I'm using fish, at this point it's just a habit.
I haven't really figured out what responsibility shell could do in my workflow, besides command invocation, completion candidate suggestions and command history.
I've been eyeing elvish shell, so might switch to that one instead.

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Haruan Justino

I will check the Kakoune, about the terminal I have tested kitty and went to Konsole because I felt it was simpler and has ligatures too.