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What editor, browser and terminal do you use?

madza profile image Madza ・1 min read

Well-configured code editor / IDE, browser, and terminal are the main tools for developers. What combo do you use in your daily workflow?

To start off, I'm using VS Code, Google Chrome and Git Bash.

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cayde profile image

vscode ,firefox,oh my zsh

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Valts Liepiņš


Code editor: Kakoune
Browser: Qutebrowser
Terminal: Kitty
Shell: Fish

Browser - Qutebrowser

Started using it recently and so far I am very satisfied with it.
It's chromium based browser with vi-inspired modal interface.
It feels much more solid than the modal binding plugins available for firefox, mainly, the bindings work everywhere, not just on the loaded web page.

It also comes with open-editor command, which allows opening any input field for editting in your default text editor (currently using it to write this response).

Code editor - Kakoune

Been stuck on Kakoune ever since I migrated away from vim and emacs(spacemacs).
I chose it for it's unique spin on modal bindings and it's natural approach to multi-cursor editting.
Also huge appeal to me, especially coming from emacs ecosystem, was the focus on unix philosophy of doing one thing well.
Windows management is trusted upon windows manager and has minimal friction when it comes to interacting with system applications.

Terminal - Kitty

Terminals are a messy technology, kitty is an alright terminal emulator.
I mainly switched to it so that I can try out fonts with ligatures.
I do not use it's windows and tabs features, just as plain terminal emulator.

Shell - Fish

Not really sure why I'm using fish, at this point it's just a habit.
I haven't really figured out what responsibility shell could do in my workflow, besides command invocation, completion candidate suggestions and command history.
I've been eyeing elvish shell, so might switch to that one instead.

haruanm profile image
Haruan Justino

I will check the Kakoune, about the terminal I have tested kitty and went to Konsole because I felt it was simpler and has ligatures too.

_garybell profile image
Gary Bell

PHPStorm/PyCharm + Chromium (and Firefox) + default Ubuntu terminal.

Most of the time I actually use the terminal within the IDE, as I can Alt+F12 to get to it easily, then Esc to get back to the code. So I can easily change -> test -> commit -> repeat without touching the mouse.

gabedunn profile image
Gabe Dunn

Default Ubuntu terminal is gnome-terminal fyi.

kallmanation profile image
Nathan Kallman

Neovim, Vivaldi, and zsh (configured with oh my zsh) with tmux within the default "Terminal" emulator on Mac.

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Ben Halpern

Browser.... All of them. I try to mix things up on purpose as a web developer. I like to get a handle of the norms of different browsers and not go all in on, say, Chrome.

I will say that running several at once makes my computer fan go wild, so it's mostly one at a time.

I use VSCode and the default Mac terminal.

levirs565 profile image
Levi Rizki Saputra

Android Studio (For Android Development)/NeoVim (For Web Development and blogging) + Brave/Firefox + Alacritty

I install IdeaVim plugin in Android Studio for Vim like text editing.

My NeoVim plugins:

  • NERDTree, for file navigation
  • gitgutter, show git changes in gutter
  • fugitive, easy git command
  • neoterm, better terminal inside Vim

In NeoVim and Android Studio i use Gruvbox Theme.

jumanjii profile image
Allan Jacquet-Cretides • Edited

On my side:

aboutdavid profile image
David • Edited

Code editor: Glitch because well, Sometimes I use a Chromebook, Windows Laptop, or a Android Tablet and I need my IDE to work on all three
Browser: Brave Browser for personal stuff and Beaker browser for P2P developer projects
Terminal: Regular default Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian) terminal with the Termius SSH client because Termius works on all three devices I have mentioned above and uses their Cloud Sync.

valentinbcn profile image

VSCode + Firefox + Hyper Terminal

quintisimo profile image
Quintus Cardozo • Edited

VSCode-Vim, Safari and Firefox Developer Edition, Fish Shell with Fisher.

Notable VSCode Plugins:
Vim (duh!)
Pyright (typescript style type-checking for python)

Fish Plugins:

sdabhi23 profile image
Shrey Dabhi

VS Code / Intellij Idea based upon what kind of project I am working on. I use Intellij mainly for large java related projects which require maven or gradle.

Google Chrome as the browser, I did try Firefox and Edge for a while but shifting from laptop to phone or vice-versa was not as smooth as it is with chrome.

For terminals, I use powershell inside conemu. I also have to access servers via ssh, so conemu makes it easy for me to open and manage multiple terminals. I have also customized my powershell prompt using oh-my-posh

taufik_nurrohman profile image
Taufik Nurrohman • Edited

A terminal emulator, with Vim and Git installed.

I use Firefox web browser for development mainly because of its straight forward scratch-pad and style-editor GUI. Easy to copy, cut, and paste codes.

heikokanzler profile image
Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

I am a conservative old bloke, so on my Mac:

  • IntelliJ Ultmate for my Grails / Java Projects (for almost 20 years now, came from Eclipse and Borland)
  • VSCode now for my TypeScript and PHP projects
  • Chrome and Firefox
  • iTerm2 with oh-my-zsh
  • PAW for Rest API
chadalen profile image
Chad Alen • Edited

Code editor: VSCode for everything besides Java I use Intellij
Browser: Chrome
Terminal: VSCode's terminal & Hyper
Shell: Spaceship ZSH

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Dmitry Mineev

Hi, there!
For the web development I am using

  1. RubyMine/VS Code
  2. Google Chrome
  3. ITerm2
offirmo profile image
Offirmo • Edited
  • WebStorm: good IDE, manages to adequately autocomplete / jump to with low input (sort of figures out itself) + very usable editor + very usable search
  • Firefox: killer features = tree-style tabs, privacy, protecting the web
  • iTerm: can split tabs, auto-restore them on relaunch, can rename and color tabs from script = useful to find one's stuff at a glance

All very good, and yes I tried the competition

raguay profile image
Richard Guay

Onivim2, FireFox, and iTerm2 with either zsh & ohmyzsh, fish and ohmyfish, or ion (ion is very fast shell!) with my own configuration. I sometimes use Hype for a change, but end up going back to iTerm2.

dhurba87 profile image
Dhurba baral

Zsh, Alacritty, tmux, NeoVim, Brave

hougesen profile image
Mads Hougesen

I am pretty basic when it comes to my tools.

Currently running VS Code with the Vim plugin and a bunch of other plugins.

On my Mac, I use the standard terminal (customized with oh-my-zsh). On Windows I use Windows Terminal with Git Bash & WSL.

Primarily use Chrome, but I have pretty much everything installed for cross testing.

fernandobasso profile image
Fernando Basso • Edited

Bash on Terminator + Tmux, Vim, Firefox Developer Edition on Arch Linux.

zdebeer99 profile image

vscode and atom, chrome and firefox, cmder

himanshunikhare profile image
Himanshu Nikhare

Vscode, Brave, Zsh

ozan profile image

Atom (vim, sublime) + firefox + bash

dianawebdev profile image

VSCode, Brave Browser for main development and iTerm with oh-my-zsh. For web testing purposes all the other browsers as well...

ehudon profile image

I use the same setup across 3 different operating systems.

Editor: VS Code / Vim
IDE: IntelliJ IDEA
Browser: Edge and Firefox
Terminal: Windows Terminal / iTerm2 (macOS) / Terminator (Linux) with zsh on all of them

barraza44 profile image
Alex Barraza • Edited

WebStorm | Rider / Firefox / gnome terminal :D

dev1031 profile image
Dherendra Dev

vscode, chrome , oh my zsh

adriangrigore profile image
Adrian Emil Grigore, Google Chrome and Windows Terminal.

hb profile image
Henry Boisdequin

VSCode/PyCharm/Atom/DataGrip, Chrome, Oh My Zsh/iTerm

bburgess_keys profile image
Bradley Burgess

Firefox (mostly), GNOME terminal, NeoVim

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