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Orchid is a brand-new, general-purpose static site generator for Java and Kotlin, with a focus on extensibility and aimed at developers looking to improve their technical documentation. Orchid was born out of a desire for better-looking Javadocs and frustration with how difficult is it to manage large Jekyll sites and keep it up-to-date with your code.

Orchid supports a variety of plugins, including a wiki, static pages, blogs, and much more. It aims to have high compatibility with many of the existing static site generators, such as Jekyll, Gitbook, and Hugo, so that migration to Orchid is painless. And if you can't find a plugin to do what you need, Orchid provides an intuitive way to add your own private plugins and a rich API so you can make your site as beautiful and unique as an Orchid.


  • Plugin-driven architecture
  • Multi-theme support
  • Admin interface to manage your content and gain deep insights into your build
  • Link to other Orchid sites
  • Powerful and flexible indexing, unique to Orchid
  • Full-text static search
  • Component-based content management
  • Fully replaces Jekyll, Hugo, Gitbook, Javadocs, and more!

Current Needs

This project is still very new, and the greatest needs are just in getting feedback from real-world usage and improving documentation, and getting the word out! But while it is newly on the market, I have been lovingly developing it for a year and a half already, so it is more than stable, fast, and flexible enough to cover most of your needs.

In particular, Orchid really shines when used to document Java projects, as it improves Javadocs and brings wikis, blogs, and anything else you might need into a single, fully-integrated build. I would love to help Java devs get set up improving their own documentation with Orchid so I can get more feedback about real-world pains that could be relieved or new features that should be added to Orchid.

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