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SaaS Vendors: Should You Build or Buy B2B SSO (Federated SAML/OIDC)?

Don’t struggle to build this critical capability only to find you don’t support your potential customers’ identity platform of choice. Datawiza offers a No-Code approach to supporting every identity solution.

If you’re selling your SaaS application to businesses, you’ve got to see security through the eyes of your customers. Sure, you’re doing everything you can to build security into your product, but that’s not the only challenge your potential customers have. They’re also thinking about their own Zero Trust architecture, and this includes Zero Trust for their applications. A key strategy they’ve adopted is using a modern identity management platform like Azure AD or Okta, which includes single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), and it’s critical for them to bring their new SaaS applications into this environment.

If you want your product to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers, you need to support ALL the identity platforms they may be using. And Identity-platform-based SSO isn’t the only log-in scenario potential customers may demand. To meet the needs of their customer bases, many companies are now implementing a mix of strategies, including username/password, SSO, social login, and passwordless – and they will likely want to keep adding new strategies as they emerge. If you can’t support their needs – especially if your competition does – you risk lost sales.

So being able to support every log-in scenario – the Log-in Your Way imperative – has to be seen as a critical feature of every mature product. In fact, to maximize the interest in a new product, Log-in Your Way should be a foundational capability of the minimum viable product (MVP) you use to engage your potential audience. So there’s no decision around “if” you will support all identity platforms and what the timeline should be for that support. The only question is “how” you can support them from Day 1.

A classic choice: Build the connections yourself? Is there a No-Code Buy option?

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