Can NuxtJS handle a site with 150K pages?

ckissi profile image Csaba Kissi ・1 min read

I was thinking of moving one of my sites created in Laravel + Mysql to NuxtJS.
The site contains over 150K pages. Is it possible to move this over to NuxtJS.
I would like to just make an API for the content and NuxtJS will read data via Axios. The question is if the prerendering is enabled in NuxtJS the number of pages is the issue or not.


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So long as you're not pre-rendering the whole site.

Nuxt offers 3 rendering modes— Single Page Application (SPA), Server Side Render (SSR), and Static Generation. It's possible (and trivial) to write a generation script to render all your dynamic routes... but I imagine that it'd take awhile.

You'll obviously need to maintain a Node.js server for the SSR route, I've found luck using Heroku unless you'd want to spin that up yourself.


I want SSR. For the backend, I want to use probably MongoDB Atlas FaaS which offers REST API. Actually I want to move a few of my sites over to Netlify, Zeit or Firebase hosting.


Cool cool cool— but you'll also need a Node JS server for front-end rendering... which means Netlify isn't really an option, I think. (nuxtjs.org/faq/netlify-deployment)

I'm confused now 🤔. When I've created a new app and used "universal mode" I've built it and placed over to Netlify and it worked just fine.


I'm on Nuxt and Laravel myself. I don't see the problem doing what you're trying to do.
If by prerendering you mean SSR, then yes, Nuxt supports that in universal mode out of the box.


Thanks yeah, I mean SSR. In one video tutorial, it was mentioned that during the final build the number of pages needs to be considered as it has something to do with the final build time. It is like creating some prerendered code.


If you are making the pages dynamic via an API, that will greatly reduce the number of "pages", so it should not matter. Good luck!

Thank you!