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4 Tricks To Optimize Your Mobile Advertising Strategy

Tips to optimize your advertising strategy on mobile devices
ROI, the famous return on investment, did not keep the mobile marketers of the Mad Men era asleep. Don Draper designed the creativity of a campaign, invested a certain budget in distribution, and, simply, waited for something magical to happen that would affect the number of conversions and the “engagement” of the audience. However, technology - and the obsession with numbers, too - have changed everything: now, mobile advertising can be optimized in real-time and, therefore, we can know the ROI, second by second, and modify the strategy at any time, if necessary.

Today's marketers are looking for new ways to optimize mobile advertising and quantify ROI in order to justify their mobile strategies in the bottom line and thus demonstrate the value of investing in mobile marketing. Hence, the enormous importance of being able to optimize strategies in real-time and of being so aware of the numbers.

The CEO of AppsFlyer, Oren Kaniel, described in this post four tricks to get the most out of your investment in mobile advertising, which we have found very interesting and, therefore, we have adapted them to Spanish.

Follow These 4 Key Tips To Optimize Your Mobile Recruitment Strategy

Make sure you allocate all your resources well. The only constant in the new advertising ecosystem is precisely changing. Social media platforms rise and fall in popularity and digital fads come and go. So to make sure your traffic sources generate ROI, you are going to need numbers that come from an unbiased source that provides you with information about the origin of installs, clicks, and in-app purchases.

Analyze, analyze and analyze. Advertisers of the Don Draper era could flood the airwaves with an ad campaign because they knew that the number of media platforms was very limited. However, today marketers operate in a completely different environment and need to do analysis at all times to identify which marketing channels are generating the best results.

If it doesn't work, change it. It's a pine box theory. Today, thanks to access to statistics from a reliable source, marketers can be much more agile. For example, an advertiser who has investment “x” to invest over a quarter, who analyzes the results over the course of the first 30 days and finds that 5 of the 20 traffic sources are generating 85% of the conversions, offers you the opportunity to change your strategy and move your investment towards those five channels where they achieve the best results.

Build ROI with a CPA strategy. In the early stages of mobile advertising, marketers focused almost exclusively on click (CPC) and install (CPI) metrics, but today there are other metrics that better measure success: cost per action. (CPA), which measures in-app events and actions that actually lead to ROI. Many clients go crazy with so many CPCs, CPIs and CPMs when the really important thing is not the model from which you buy the advertising but to get the best return.

Advertising today is much more complicated than just a few decades ago: the number of advertising channels has grown exponentially and company executives increasingly demand greater accountability. The current scenario demands greater transparency because brands need to know exactly where their money is being invested and which channels are performing the best. However, on the other hand, thanks to new technologies and growing investment in mobile advertising, the advertising scenario offers more and better opportunities to really reach the desired target, while it is possible to identify in real-time the sources of traffic that they give better results.

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