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Started a Youtube channel to discuss about Kotlin and Android

clint22 profile image Clint Paul github logo ・1 min read

Hello all. How are you all doing? I hope every one of you is safe from the Coronavirus spread. Stay home, Stay safe. Even though it's a very difficult time for each one of us, I feel like I'm getting a little more time to spend on things that I always wanted to do. So, I have started a Youtube channel, "Duct tape developer" to discuss Kotlin and Android in general. I'm creating a Kotling tutorial for the beginner's course. I have already uploaded a few of them as well. Sharing the playlist here. If you feel like you want to spend some time learning new things, visit and watch these videos as well and if possible give me feedback.
Let's make sure we are making most out of this quarantine time. Let's learn more and share our knowledge with the world. Thank you.

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