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Data Structure Interview Questions

Consistently numerous software engineering graduates go after positions identified with programming, coding and programming improvement in enormous tech organizations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and so forth, however many alumni have no clue about what sort of programming questions they may have a need to look in the interview.

Data Structure Interview Questions

Most of the coding interviews are mainly comprised of Data Structure and algorithms questions because these topics are very basic and every computer science graduate is supposed to know these topics.

Top Data Structure Interview Questions

Here I've compiled frequently asked Questions in interview. Know their answers from this blog on Data Structure Interview Questions

  1. What is Data Structure?
  2. What is the key difference between File Structure and Storage Structure?
  3. Name all the basic operations we can apply in Data Structures?
  4. When can we use a binary search on Data Structure?
  5. What is the key difference between the Breadth-First Search and Depth First Search Algorithm?
  6. What is a Linked List?
  7. What is Stack and tell some of its applications?
  8. How can we traverse an Array?
  9. What is Queue and how it is different from the Stack?
  10. What are Arrays?
  11. Where do we apply the data structure?
  12. What do you understand by LIFO and FIFO?
  13. What are binary trees?
  14. What is Dynamic Memory allocation and how it helps in managing data?
  15. Which data structure is Recursion used to perform its task?
  16. What is a Binary Search Tree?
  17. What is the key difference between NULL and Void?
  18. What are Multidimensional Arrays?
  19. What is the difference between PUSH and POP?
  20. What is an ordered list?
  21. How does the variable declaration affect memory allocation?
  22. What are linear and Non-Linear Data Structures?
  23. What is Merge sort?
  24. Explain Data Abstraction and how it is different from Data Encapsulation?
  25. What are the key advantages of a Linked List over an array?

Please add more questions and answers in the comment section so that it will help to crack the Data Structure & Algorithms (DSA) interview.

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