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Inderpreet Singh
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HacktoberFest 2020, My Second Time!


This is the second time I am participating in this event. Last year I was a beginner, I didn't even know how to use the GUI interface properly, handling the repositories from git on cmd was way out of my pay grade😅😅

But, that gave me a start to programming and git. I started working my programming skills and also learned Git. Now after 1 year, I was the one who taught many students how to make their first pull request🤩🤩.

I saw students who were just like me and didn't know anything about Git. But, now I could understand the whole meaning of Hacktoberfest. It was not to just provide free Tees😅😅, but it was to provide the required push to any beginner to dive deep into the world of computers🎇🎇

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