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HTTP-based games for Programmers

So I've created "organization" for my side-project here at DEV. And it is time for introduction post. I don't like "blank" intro posts, so I'll tell about one of the features at once.

Most of the problems at CodeAbbey are typical - you have input data (e.g. for "Fahrenheit-to-Celsius" calculation), you need to produce and submit some answer. Web-site checks it and if it's ok, you get higher in the ranking table.

But it may become boring sooner or later :)

At some point I've invented "interactive" problems. They are more like 2-player game - your code is one player and web-server is another. They communicate with simple HTTP requests.

For now there are just 4 problems of such kind (here is the link):

  1. Say 100 - quite trivial, server gives you number, just answer with number adding total to 100. Simply to help figure out the exchange process.

  2. Nim Game - this game is famous in all math or logic related books. You'll need to find strategy for it.

  3. Maze of the Wumpus - based on classic (ancient!) console game. You are to find Wumpus in the maze and kill it before it gets on you. Not sure about strategy :)

  4. Connect Four - well-known game, I believe, this requires you to implement typical Minimax algorithm.

Well, hopefully it's enough for introduction. And hopefully I'll invent more problems of such kind if you, friends, find them funny. Suggestions are welcome!

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