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JavaScript RegEx Exercises 01

Get the exercises here:

01:06 Exercise 1 (Final Answer 05:22)
05:49 Exercise 2 (Final Answer 06:42)
07:00 Exercise 3 (Final Answer 08:33)
09:13 Exercise 4 (Final Answer 10:57)
11:15 Exercise 5 (Final Answer 12:42)

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In these JavaScript RegEx tutorials you'll get the chance to learn a bit about RegEx in JavaScript and how you might use it to process or extract data in strings.

There are a number of instances when you might want to match a pattern in a string within your JavaScript code and these 5 exercises will show you some examples of when you might want to do this and also how you would go about doing with a JavaScript Regular Expression.

Although Regular Expressions aren't exclusive to JavaScript there are some specific JavaScript functions like the JavaScript match and JavaScript replace functions which allow you to use a Regular Expression to match a pattern within the string the function is used with.

The examples in the exercises are a bit contrived but they've been designed so you get a bit of exposure to some of the basic operations that can be done with RegEx patterns.

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