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React Project: Newsletter Signup form (using Formik, Netlify Functions & MailChimp)

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So in this React tutorial we'll be taking a look at the Formik forms library for React and seeing how you can use it to create and manage forms quickly and easily within your React projects.

We'll start off by getting the Formik library setup and then creating some simple inputs that the user can enter data into and we'll see how Formik handles all of the state management and form submission for us automatically.

Once we've got a basic form setup with Formik, we'll add a custom React label component and then wire up some validation to the form. We'll do this using the Yup library with our React form and you'll see it's really simple to create a Yup schema and then apply this to the Formik form. In fact, Yup and Formik work really well together.

With our validation in place we'll finish up the tutorial by creating a Netlify function to handle our form submission which will essentially pass this data to the email service provider MailChimp. We'll use the MailChimp API with React to submit the user's details they enter into the form to the MailChimp service. I'll take you through how to find your own MailChimp list ID and also MailChimp API token and successfully add contacts.

So I hope you enjoy this React Project tutorial from Junior Developer Central!

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