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Codedamn X Hacktober Fest

🎊 What is Hacktober Fest?

Hacktoberfest is a month long celebration of open source software. It happens every year in October. During this event everyone can support open-source by contributing changes, and then earn a limited edition swag [T-shirt and Stickers].

There are tons of project available on GitHub for Hactoberfest. You can search for GitHub issues labeled with hacktoberfest.

This year CODEDAMN will be giving off FREE T-SHIRT AND SWAGS to each and everyone who'll submit a successful and valid pull request by completing a task!

Repository inspirational-quotes


Codedamn's mission is to make coding highly engaging and interactive - wherever possible. We do this by creating hands-on courses - thanks to our interactive playground that runs in the browser connected to computers in the cloud.
Programming is a healthy mix of learning, practicing, and interacting with others. Unfortunately, existing edtech platforms are not built for self-taught developers because they're not founded by self-taught developers trying to work on real-world tech skills and lack the struggles of becoming one.
We are building the best community of developers and learners on the planet - built by developers and backed by cutting-edge technology.

📝 How to win a free t-shirt with CODEDAMN?

GitHub issues GitHub pull requests

1) Go to codedamn projects:
2) Pick up a project according to your preference
3) Complete the project.
4) Fork/clone this repository.

git clone
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5) In the Submission projects directory, create a new file as follows: submission_your_github_username.html inside your chosen topic folder and send the PR using the following template:

👉 Name of the file: your_github_username.html

👉 Inside the file, paste your codedamn's submission URL. The format is:

👉 Send a Pull Request to main branch

Now just wait for PR to get merged :D
That's it, folks!



👉 For every successful submission, if the pull request gets accepted you'll get the official 🎉CODEDAMN Swags/Merch!🎉


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