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Best Front-End Web Development Frameworks of 2022

Best front end web design and development frameworks

User experience is the number one priority for every business in the market today. As a developer, even the brief you get on your project talks about the simplicity of the user interface it is supposed to feature. No matter how complex functions and operations happen in the background, what users see and experience has to be seamless.

Frontend frameworks are the pioneer blocks of the software development process. But there are so many options to choose from when it comes to building visually appealing apps that rank high on user experience.

To create the front end, engineers use the combination of HTML (for basic page structure and content), CSS (for visual editing), and JavaScript (for making websites interactive). The same set of tools is used to create progressive web apps – mobile apps that look and feel like native ones but are created with the use of front-end technologies.

we have curated a list of the best frontend frameworks of 2021 for you.

  1. Angular
  2. React
  3. Vue.js
  4. Ember
  5. Backbone


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Angular is a JavaScript (Typescript) based framework developed by Google for building web applications. Angular was established in 2009 as AngularJS, which used JavaScript as it’s a programming language, but in 2016, Google completely rewrites Angular. Since then, Angular Use Typescript as its language, typescript, is similar to JavaScript, and it is also considered as the superset of JavaScript.

Angular is a front-end Web Framework so we can only make client-side dynamic WebPages using Angular, and Google itself uses this beautiful and powerful framework to build client-side dynamic pages. One of the main features of angular is, we can use angular to build a single page application because it’s based on MVC architecture. Angular supports two-way data binding that requires in real-time application.


  • With angular, we can quickly develop an application.

  • Support MVC architecture.

  • Two ways binding a perfect choice for real-time applications

  • The ideal framework for single-page applications

  • Fast-growing community

  • Enhanced design Architecture


  • Steep learning curve
  • Slow processing
  • Limited SEO Option


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One of the most popular front-end web development frameworks is Reactjs which is developed by Facebook. Though React is not a web development framework but an open-source JavaScript library that is highly used for developing user interfaces.

Using react you can create single page application, and even a mobile app. As React is a library, so it does not support many features like other Front-end frameworks, that’s why to build a proper single page application, React integrates with other libraries for state management, routing, and interaction with API.


  • it’s virtual DOM support fast manipulation in the document.
  • It can be integrated with other libraries
  • Support for mobile web-application
  • Reusable components
  • Easy to use tools


  • Does not have well-organized documentation
  • Complex structure than JavaScript.
  • Less focus on UI


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Vue.js is another most popular open-source JavaScript framework mainly used for creating a single page application. Vue.js came into existence in February 2014 and is developed by Evan You. This framework uses “high decoupling,” which facilitate developers to create attractive and easy to use user interfaces (UIs). It is based on Model-View-View model (MVVM) architecture.


  • Fast Development
  • Small size
  • Easy to maintain and to learn
  • Can be integrated with other applications
  • Virtual DOM rendering and performance
  • Components reusability
  • Solid tooling ecosystem


  • Does not have stable tools
  • Does not support by tech-giants
  • Less plug-in and components


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Ember is one of the best front-end platforms used by professionals. It is based on MVMM architecture. The Ember community is enormous, and it’s ever-expanding, with new features, and releases added regularly. Ember possesses the two-way data binding that Angular boasts, and it comes with a lot of features and components that you can use out of the box. Google, Microsoft, Heroku, and Netflix use this framework often.

Ember revolves around the developer’s productivity and attempts to maximize it by either eliminating the need for time-wasting activities or adopting some JS best practices in its core design.


  • High Performance
  • Better development
  • Well maintained documentation.
  • Support Code debugger.
  • Two-way data binding
  • An ideal choice for creating complex application


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not ideal for small projects.


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Backbone.JS is a front-end platform developed by Jeremy ashkenas in 2010. It is a lightweight and efficient JavaScript library, yes it is not a web-framework, yet this library is powerful enough to build single-page web applications, It follows an MVC pattern and partly implements the MVC design.

Backbone only has one core dependency, which is the Underscore library, and it has a vibrant ecosystem, that when added to Mustache and Marionette, allows you to build complete client-side applications.


  • Ideal for small projects
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Well organized documentation
  • Easy to learn and implement


  • Cannot create a sophisticated and high-quality application
  • Dwindling community


In conclusion, in the above article, we discussed the most trending front-end development framework. Choose the best framework according to your requirement and create a stunning and responsive user interface. To boost up your development process uses the admin dashboard.

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Prashanth Vamanan Srinivasan

I would strongly disagree with the fact that Angular does not have a good documentation. In fact it has the best documentation in my opinion. It is a one stop shop so that we don't have to go anywhere to learn about it. The docs contain everything from best practices, practical examples and guided tutorials to follow along and get speed with the framework easily.

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we totally agree with you, We correct a mistake.