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Manav Misra
Manav Misra

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Node JS/TS Starter Repos

Update: Here's a modification for using TypeScript. Discuss here.

TLDR: Head on over to this opinionated beginner-friendly NodeJS starter pack. The deets are listed there in that one.


Over my years of teaching JavaScript at college and in bootcamps, students can get easily overwhelmed by how much there is to learn! I feel this myself in my own continual learning.

I have had pretty good success with alleviating some of this by providing my students with starter template repos.

The idea 💡 is to decrease some of the cognitive load by automating some of the possible issues related to code quality.

This allows students to focus on actually 'coding' and implementing business logic and algorithms rather than wondering so much about 'best practices' and the 'right way' to do certain things.

How Does It Work?

Nothing much really...

Just includes some npm run scripts and uses some standard 'linting' configurations with just a few minor adjustments.

The VS Code Extensions and Settings are based on recommendations from, and my own experiences/struggles 💪🏽.

Go check the README 📝 for more deets!

All of my students have really appreciated these types of starter templates that reduce their cognitive loads 🧠 and allow them to just jump in and code how they want while still 'auto-magically' adopting and developing 'best practices.'

There isn't much need to focus on all of this configuration 🔧 stuff when you are just getting started 🚀.

I have some other ones for 'vanilla front-end,' React, full-stack, etc.

If there is sufficient interest, I'll clean those up and post about them. 👋🏽

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Manav Misra • Edited

Here's a 'vanilla 🍦 front-end' one that 🔥s up browser-sync. It's for simple HTML-CSS-JS stuff (no React).
And, if you're looking for a relatively simple 'Image Gallery' tutorial to try it out with, here's one 😉.

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Michael Currin

Thanks for sharing. I made some PRs to improve it

I have a similar starter project here including a template for a docs and a base workflow for CI

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Manav Misra