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Parcel-Tailwind Template

codefinity profile image Manav Misra Updated on ・1 min read

A Template Repo

This might be for you if at least most of the following is true:

  • You want to build a simple Single Page Application using ParcelJS.
  • You don't love writing a whole lot of custom CSS but also don't want the bloat/limitations of Bootstrap, etc. so you want to use Tailwind CSS.
  • You are using VS Code and want a nice theme, font, extensions and settings preconfigured to handle your linting, and even appreciate AI-driven 🤖 code completion from Kite.
  • You appreciate robust linting such as comes with AirBnb's ESLint configuration...but maybe want it toned down just a little bit. ✅
  • You appreciate a starting point for a robust architecture 🏗️ that adheres to some common patterns so it's easier to think 🧠 about things like 'separation of concerns' and 'single source of truth' ✅
  • You're tired 😫 of reading this and just want to go use the dang thing with a simple npm install followed by an npm start

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