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What was the first programming language you learned?

What was the first programming language you learned? What was the second?

Basically ... write in a few words when and how did you get into coding.

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Tim Downey

When I was a kid I played around with HTML and CSS a bit... not really programming, but contributed to an Animal Crossing fan site and forum. ­čśé

The first true programming language I learned was Scheme in C211 at Indiana University. I remember being frustrated at the time at the lack of constructs like for loops, but now appreciate getting exposed to functional paradigms early on.

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Borja Herrero

It was QBasic. My dad use had a few programming magazines and you could copy the code from there to get a full working game. So I spent hours typing just to realise that I had misspelt something and it wouldn't work, so I had to start over.

It was so much fun.

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For me it was BASIC, and I learned on an Apple 2 GS (which cost around $2000 back then), and the second language it was Pascal, in the 7th grade my mom got me into a community college for audit (they wouldn't let me take it for credit because of my age).

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Kevin Sullivan

Autohotkey. Made some utilities to help with video editing and data entry. Wasn't until later that I wanted to make an app for someone else that I realized some formal training at a bootcamp would help set me in a good direction.

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Danila Verbinsky

I'm learning python and learning neural networks and machine learning

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In early highschool I started to play around with .bat files using GOTOs and thinking I was a pro hacker by changing the console colors X'D

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Jason Ormes

C64 basic for me, I typed so many programs out of magazines back in the mid 80s as a teenager...

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David Sullenbarger

Commodore's BASIC

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Here is how it went for me
C -> Python -> C++ -> C# -> HTML, CSS -> JS -> Go ||

I use Python the most. Then C++, JS

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┼×aban DEM─░RC─░


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Java back in school

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Pascal Lamers

ActionScript , I used the former "macromedia" flash editor to create websites. But as we all know ... flash is no more ­čśü

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Felix Wittmann • Edited
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Rabie Dogho

Turbo Pascal

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Ronaldo Peres

Basic, and after Turbo Pascal, Clipper 5.