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Discussion on: Onboarding New Developers

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Jason C. McDonald Author

Hi Gwyn, thanks for your comments! Our network docs are still being written, but they're mostly done. You can view them here. (Note: The server is only online from about 6am-10pm Pacific.)

The internship checklist is on our Phabricator, but it can only be viewed by staff and trusted contributors. Here are the summary titles of of most of the assignments:

  • Install Ubuntu and development environment.
  • Read and complete Quick Start: Internship Introduction.
  • Read Community Rules.
  • Read Standards.
  • Read and sign Wiki: Getting Started/FAQ.
  • Read "The Cathedral & the Bazaar".
  • Read "Dreaming in Code".
  • Complete "Independent Study" assignment (they select and read three industry articles and summarize what they learned from each).
  • Watch "A Field Guide to Common Nerds".
  • Contribute to (3) different wiki pages.
  • Review (2) pre-commit code reviews.
  • Create at least (5) tasks for a project.
  • Complete at least (5) tasks for a project.
  • Ask at least (3) Ponder questions. (we have a private StackOverflow-like tool called Ponder).
  • Answer at least (2) Ponder questions.
  • File at least (1) Bug Report for someone else's code/project.
  • Land (1) pre-commit review (your code is approved and accepted).
  • Present (1) live demo to the team.
  • Complete the target number of hours for the internship (240 hours).

If you need more info, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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Gwyn Jones

Thanks - this is a great help. Exactly what I needed.