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Discussion on: Sh*tpost: can we stop saying "syntactic sugar"?

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Jason C. McDonald

P.S. May I recommend you reace the #unpopularopinion tag with #healthydebate? This fits right into that category, and again, I wouldn't devalue your opinion so much!

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jen chan Author

I included #unpopularopinion as a reference to the same hashtag on twitter. I'm going to add #discuss.

"Sh*tpost:" was my attempt at a linkbait title. I always hope to get people reading and responding hehe.

It's highly unusual that somewhere on the internet you can actually post an opinion about dev and not be ignored, downvoted or dogpiled on like on StackOverflow, that when someone new makes a post with a strong opinion, traditionalists aren't coming in hoards to tear them down. The devTO blog is super special for this kind of environment. shout out to @thepracticaldev

I imagine that self effacement is a self-protective coping mechanism in addition to my inclination towards new sincerity (authentic, earnest, gratuitous expression).

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SO aims to be factual and reusable. It can be intimidating to be downvoted as a new user, it has certainly been for me, and non-verifiable and incomplete information from experts can certainly still be useful, but the value of SO as a whole is increased because of its strict policies. might be more beginner-friendly but is often wildly inaccurate.

Unrelated: I think you hit the nail on the head with "sh*tpost" in terms of clickbait :P