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Easiest way to Install Go on Linux

Go (golang for seo-friendliness) is an open-source and lower-level programming language designed to enable users to easily write simple, reliable, and highly efficient computer programs.

Install Latest Go on Linux machine

It's really easy and hassle-free!, just execute this command below

curl -fsSLo- | bash
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the ~/go is your $GOROOT folder.

I suggest you to start your project outside $GOROOT directory, idk, maybe ~/Document/project ?

Update Go on Linux machine

  1. Delete existing $GOROOT directory (~/go?)
  2. Install "New" Latest Go version with the command above :)

And if you are new in Go, I suggest you to head up to

Bash script source:

Happy Going!

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Stay tune!, I will post new tutorial on "How to init your Go project"

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