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Coding, Concussions, or Country Music?

Who makes more money a coder or a professional NFL football player?

This seems like an easy question, and most people would probably say an NFL player, but they would be wrong!

First, let's look at the opportunity. Do you know how many people make it to the NFL? Only 256 each year.

Just over 1 Million people play high-school football.
73,557 of those, go on to play NCAA football (divisions I, II & III).
16,346 of those, are draft eligible.
256 are drafted into the NFL.

In the world of coding, there are projected to be 424,000 new software jobs in 2020. That's not even close!

Let's talk about $$$.

At the high end, the top-paid athlete in the world, Lionel Messi, earned $127M in 2018. What does a top paid coder earn? Many many times that...just look at Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) & Jack Dorsey (Twitter/Square).

Then at the other end, a run-of-the-mill athlete either can't break-in or is making a small amount playing semi-professionally. A run-of-the-mill coder is making $100k, has 4 weeks vacation, and a 401k with employer match.

The opportunities and incentives are in learning to code!

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