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Do anybody have any coding YouTube video ideas?

Hey there! Y'all good? I was wondering which YouTube video should I put. I cannot make any coding tutorial like (HOW TO CREATE AN APP). I can create small videos like 10 minutes. So if anybody have any idea, Please comment.

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How about a video that explains PyScript explains how it integrates with JS/TS? I've seen a lot of videos explaining PyScript exclusively, but not many that explain that bi-directional communication that's so highly spoken of. I'd personally be very curious to find out more about that, perhaps with a few simple examples.

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Ben Halpern

What do you think you know best that happens to not be well understood by other coders you know? There's probably something you can hone in on :)

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Programming is a Joke

There is honeypot. I think they have made about 9 docs