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Best Google Fonts for your website

  1. Merriweather
    Eben Sorkin’s Merriweather is designed for optimal readability on screens. Merriweather’s large x-height boosts the font’s legibility, making it suitable for use in long texts as well as for headlines and titles. Merriweather currently has 8 styles: Light, Regular, Bold, Black, Light Italic, Italic, Bold Italic, Black Italic.
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  2. Assistant
    This is another very versatile Google font. Assistant is a clean typeface and offers a generous 6 styles, from extra light to bold. The carefully-planned spacing between the letters create a font with great readability. This, combined with the abundant bold styles makes Assistant especially good for larger bodies.
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  3. Poppins
    Poppins, created by the Indian Type Foundry, is an attractive, geometric sans-serif font for use in text or display contexts. It’s also the first font on our list to support the Devanagari system, which is used in over 150 languages including Hindi and Sanskrit.
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  4. Caladea
    Caladea is a modern and friendly Google font. Created from Cambo, Caladea offers 4 different styles to choose from. The font is practical not just in the sense that it has styles to highlight content, but also due to its reliable readability. Caladea works both for big and dramatic titles and small texts that don’t overwhelm readers.
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  5. Enriqueta
    Enriqueta is a Google font that also brings a certain glamour to any page, but it’s special in its own way. This font has bold features that reminded our team of old-times, adding a Rockwell sort of vibe to the page. The best part? Enriqueta is very well-balanced, and even though it has strong visuals, it still delivers great readability – even in very small bodies!
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