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Use the corona crisis as an opportunity (from a german perspective)

Millions of entrepreneurs and the self-employed around the world are currently very concerned. Me too!
We wonder how it should go on. How long these drastic measures, the closings, the standstill can last. We have no planning reliability and we are basically hanging in the air.

I don't want to make light of this pandemic. Nevertheless the numerous sleepless nights that plagued me because I am fearful of my economical future are still too fresh.

But maybe this crisis is also an opportunity.

We are more or less forced to question established workflows, to test new business models and thus we are probably better equipped for coming difficult times.

We germans are punctual, efficient and disciplined - but also a bit phlegmatic

During my travels, I have often noticed that other countries are much more open to progress. They are curious where we are hesitant. They just try out where we plan and question.

Unfortunately, this attitude has made us run behind in the digital world.
Complicated rules and laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, make matters worse.

But if we don't want to miss the connection, we have to jump on the bandwagon of digitalisation. The Internet and all the new achievements won't just go away - not even through Corona.
And it has not been new territory (as our chancellor like to call it) for a long time.

Not a cure-all, but an awesome helper in many areas

I love the internet and everything it offers. My books, my music and my films are stored in my cloud, I chat with my friends - who are scattered worldwide - quickly and free of charge via Skye or Facebook and send pictures and videos in real time around the world.

Even my work processes are so optimized thanks to digital tools that I save a lot of time and my tax return is done in just a few clicks of the mouse. In short: I wouldn't want to do without it anymore.

But I'm not one of those who want to replace everything with the Internet. I grew up in retail and know that googling cannot replace personal advice. No video that explains to me how to do a complicated hairstyle myself replaces the hairdresser. And no video chat replaces real meetings.

However, the Internet and new innovative tools can simplify many processes, accelerate processes and thus relieve employees.

New business models can be opened up, new customers can be won easily and inexpensively, and information can be shared quickly.

Let's use the crisis as an opportunity

There is no question that if the liquidity of the next few months is not clear, it will be difficult to take stock of the company and look for ways to optimize it.

But if you find that this crisis has knocked you out and you want to be better prepared for the next unforeseen events, now is the time to rethink your own strategy.
Perhaps it is the mixture of uncertainty and calm that drives us to take our future into our own hands and to no longer postpone decisions.

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