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12 SaaS Product Ideas to Launch a Startup in 2021

The article was originally posted in Codica blog.

In 2020, the undying interest in software-as-a-service products has grown even further due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the SaaS industry provides companies with remote work tools that help businesses survive and adjust to the new reality.

So if you have ever thought about launching a SaaS startup, it is the right time to bring your ideas into reality.

The core benefits of cloud-based solutions for startups that can bring great profit to aspiring entrepreneurs are as follows:

  • Better business agility;
  • Greater scalability;
  • Location independence.

Let’s take a closer look at the most promising SaaS startup ideas.

Marketing automation

Even the most brilliant ideas can fail if the marketing is poor. For this reason, marketing automation software is getting more and more popular these days. With these products, companies can measure the results of their promoting campaigns. Besides, there is a possibility to automate different marketing aspects such as SMS, email, or social media management.

Duel is a marketing automation SaaS startup that deals with referral and social media marketing.

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Telehealthcare has a noble mission of allowing healthcare specialists to consult their patients online. Various tools, including video-conferencing, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health, make these platforms convenient and accessible for both parties.

BetterHelp is the biggest health e-counseling platform connecting patients with accredited therapists.

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Team communication

With the outbreak of Covid-19, team collaboration tools became a lucrative niche for SaaS startups. Today software-as-a-service companies offer different instruments that improve project management and boost the productiveness of remote employees.

Mobilize is a community management platform offering a private space for a professional network.

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Social media management

In 2019, social media usage accounted for one-third of the time spent online. Given that, more and more brands consider posts on social networks a great way of promoting their brand and engaging with their audience. There are many tools that speed up the marketing workflow by covering multiple social media in one place and scheduling posts.

ContentCal is a B2B SaaS content marketing platform that helps brands build a great online presence. Its features include social media posts automation, scheduling, and analytics.

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Video rendering and editing

Video content can increase organic traffic by a fantastic 157%. Taking this fact into account, businesses use it for boosting their online presence. However, it should be noted that video rendering is a very resource-demanding computer process. For aspiring video editors, it may seem challenging to render media using professional software. To cope with this task, they will definitely need video editing and rendering SaaS solutions.

VEED is a SaaS startup that streamlines video editing and allows creating videos from podcasts.

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Appointment management

Running any business requires a lot of meetings. Luckily today, specific appointment management software can optimize this kind of activity. For example, with appointment scheduling software, companies can organize scheduling and calendar management for both customers and employees. Thus, the working process will be more flexible and efficient.

Calendly is a SaaS product for appointment management that unites more than 1 million people. It is designed for scheduling team and personal appointments and group events.

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Content planning

Since content strategy creation is a thoughtful and time-consuming activity, organizations need specific tools to streamline and simplify this process. Content planning platforms offer diverse solutions that help plan, create, produce, and analyze content. With the particular tools, the process of content research, optimization, and distribution becomes much easier.

CoSchedule is a SaaS-based platform that allows companies to plan, organize, and track their content.

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Today fintech startups are aimed at improving invoice management by streamlining invoice approval and reducing fraud. For example, modern accounts payable software support e-invoicing. By automating invoices, such platforms ensure the accuracy of transactions, save resources, and enhance relationships with suppliers.

Beanworks is an accounts payable automation solution that streamlines invoicing significantly.

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Virtual assistant

Today, more and more companies engage with their clients with the help of virtual assistants. These programs can perform different tasks, including team scheduling, resource planning, and measuring employee engagement. Other capabilities of virtual assistants are still being explored.

Conversica is a famous SaaS provider of AI virtual assistants. This platform is actively used by sales and marketing teams for capturing and managing leads with its help.

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OKR Tracking

OKR, or in other words, Objectives and Key results, is a system of goals that brings alignment and engagement around the company goals.

With OKR tracking tools, companies can concentrate on business goals and measure outcomes. Reports and dashboards make it easier for them to visualize the progress.

Timely is a SaaS product using AI to build OKRs. It allows businesses to record the time spent on work applications automatically.

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Freelancer CRM

Since freelancers are handling all the work by themselves, they need reliable CRM solutions. Thus, it becomes easier for them to track customer interactions. Such software often provides users with analytics, email marketing, time tracking, and reporting tools.

Sendinblue is a cloud-based platform for digital marketers that offers CRM and marketing automation.

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Finally, let’s discuss SaaS accounting software as one of the appealing ideas for your SaaS startup. These platforms deal with recording, processing, and reporting the financial transactions of a person or a company.

Other tasks that accounting software can do include inventory and tax management, payroll system, financial reporting, and analytics. With these solutions, customers can track and organize their financial data easily.

Daxko is a SaaS-based company offering operations and financial management platforms.

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These are the most interesting ideas to build a SaaS application as of 2021 that you should add to your armory. We hope that the SaaS product ideas listed above will inspire you to launch a successful and thriving SaaS startup.

To learn more about the best SaaS application ideas, check out our full article: Best SaaS Product Ideas You Should Try in 2021.

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