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API access in development with Conveyor

In my workflow, when I'm developing an API with Visual Studio, and I need to access it from a mobile app, usually I publish it in Azure, or I need to do many steps to configure my IIS express.

This is because IIS express by default publish your API in the localhost endpoint, and it can't be accessed from outside your development machine.

Looking for a quick fix, I found Conveyor, a Visual Studio extension, it's in beta, and free for now, automatically will give access to our API to any device in our network, if you register an account, you could have access from the internet.

After installing the extension, it will run when we start our project in debug mode.
In the next screenshot, we can see the enabled endpoints.


We can also configure certificates if we want to use https.

A great addition to my Visual Studio's toolbox, very useful, and easy to use and install.

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