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Change your Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code Font

The new Cascadia Code font

As part of the new Windows Terminal development, Microsoft provides an original open-source monospaced font, Cascadia Code.
It is recommended to be used with console applications and development text editors.
This new font supports programming ligatures!
Programming ligatures creates new glyphs by combining characters.
This helps make code more readable.

Installing the Cascadia Code font in your windows system

  • Download the .ttf file from the github repo to any folder on your computer
  • Open the context menu for the downloaded file and select the Install option


Change fonts in your IDE

Tired of the same font day after day? Follow this steps to have a new look and feel in your IDE!

Change editor fonts in Visual Studio 2019 for Windows

  • You have access to the font settings in the Tools > Options menu, under Environment > Fonts and Colors (After changing your font, reopen Visual Studio 2019)


Change editor fonts in Visual Studio Code

  • Open your Settings and look for User > Text Editor > Font and change it to your desired Font (After changing your font, reopen Visual Studio Code)



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