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My favorite Slack apps for remote work

When your team is fully or partially remote, Slack becomes the central hub for collaboration.

Here are my five favorite apps that help our team stay productive, connected and motivated.

🏷 Rewind — Organize to-dos with tags

Communicating remotely inevitably means you get a lot of Slack messages for your various projects.

While Slack has bookmarks and reminders built in, it can still get messy when you have a lot going on.

Rewind lets you store messages for reading later and organize them with tags like “to-do”, “research”, “project-x” etc.

🧁 Macarons — Chat roulettes & random coffees

When you don’t meet your teammates in the hallway or at the coffee machine, you miss out on small-talk and social interaction.

Chat roulettes are a great way to stay connected. Add Macarons app to a team channel and it will automatically match random pairs (or groups) of co-workers to have a short video chat (preferably over off-work topics).

🥷 Incognito — Anonymous feedback

No matter how flat your hierarchies are or how open your company-culture is, sometimes you just can’t give feedback openly.

Incognito lets you post feedback anonymously within Slack. This is great for suggestion box channels, management feedback, or even for product design reviews.

🚢 Loqbooq — Record decisions asynchronously

Making decisions is one thing. Making sure everybody involved takes notice and is on the same page is a much harder problem.

Loqbooq is a web app with full Slack integration that lets you agree on decisions as a team and build up a single source of truth. And because it works asynchronously, those who missed the meeting can be involved as well. Maybe you don’t even need a meeting?

🌳 Evergreen — Celebrate achievements by planting trees

In the office (and before Covid) you would simply high-five your teammates when they have accomplished something. Appreciating your team’s great work is much harder remotely.

With evergreen your team can reward their co-workers by having trees planted for them. This lets your achievements have impact beyond your own company and is a much healthier perk than handing out snacks.

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