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Is JavaScript Hard to Learn?

Weeeeew! That is a tricky question.

Anyway, I will try my best to provide useful answers to the question.

A straight-forward answer to the question is, "it depends" but that is not a complete answer.

Generally speaking, JavaScript is easier to learn compared to some languages such as Java or C++.

Oh, wait! Is JavaScript different from Java?

They're different programming languages.

It can be relatively easy or hard to learn JavaScript depending on you, your study materials and their creators.

Let's Talk about You.

You may struggle to learn JavaScript if you are in a hurry to learn everything about JavaScript and "cash out heavily".

With such mindset, you won't pay attention to necessary fundamentals that will help in making projects.

After helping a lot of students struggling to learn JavaScript, I have realized a lot of them rush to finish it and get confused whenever they want to build projects.

Therefore, many JavaScript learners are forced to quit.

Slow down! Slow and steady is fast.

Check out How to be consistent with learning to code

🛑 The Problem with Learning Resources

Honestly, no learning resource is complete no matter how excellent it is because it is not designed for everyone.

Aside that, most tutors are great at showcasing or building things and they are always focusing on explaining the projects at hand the best way but they don't always consider their thinking processes that help in making such projects.

Instead, they focus on explaining concepts and build projects with them and advising learners to keep building projects until they understand what they are doing.

That is fine.

I learnt programming the same way.

To be honest, that is what is called learning programming the hard way.

That is why I have been advocating learning project making fundamentals.

Learning project making fundamentals doesn't just help in understanding projects or building projects, it also helps you become a better developer because it provides a solid foundation to start with.

For instance, a novice with understanding of project building fundamentals below will do better than a novice without it.

🛑 Project Making Tip #1

Nobody knows how to build a certain project until it is built.

✅ Don't feel bad because you feel you don't know how to build something.

✅ Instead, find out.

🛑 Project Making Tip #2

You need to understand projects.

To know what to build, you have to ask yourself

✅ What are the sections of this project?



✅ What should be present in the head?

▫️Searchbox (with autosuggest)
▫️Login/signup buttons
▫️Make sure you know all the features needed in the header.

✅ What will be present in the sidebar?

List everything
✅ What will be present in main?

List everything
✅ What about the footer?
List all.

If you work for a company, you probably won't have to worry about this because it would be done by the designers in the company.

🛑 Project Making Tip #3

Building Features...

For example, we want to implement the search ( with autosuggestion ).

The question is what made up a searchbox?

◽An input tag
◽An event
◽Data collection and grouping
◽API calls
◽A view (tag)

You can think through everything.

🛑 Project Making Tip #4

Research the feature...

✅ Google:
How to build search with autosuggest with JavaScript?

Above and a lot of other fundamental principles of making projects will help you a lot.

I didn't find resources like such on the internet so I make it my job to provide them.

One more thing:

Are you struggling to build projects with HTML, CSS & JavaScript? Or you just want to transition to tech without struggling unnecessarily, check out: You Too Can Code

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