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Javascript string concatenation

Concatenation has to do with joining two or more values, usually strings, to create another string as in below.

 let amount = $2000;

 console.log('schoolFees:'+ amount ); // "schoolFeels:$2000"
 console.log("price:" + amount); // "price:$2000"
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With this, we have created "schoolFeels:$2000" and "price:$2000" with concatenation.

We can also concatenate in JavaScript using Template literals.

The template literals are a new way to join strings introduced in ES6. Such strings are enclosed by the back-tick – `` and we can easily use variables in template literals by enclosing such variables in a dollar sign and curly braces like this.

let name = 'Ayobami';
console.log(`My name is ${name}`) // "My name is Ayobami";

Yeah! We have created the string "My name is Ayobami" with template literal concatenation.


We are done with this lesson. In the next, we will discuss data structure, arrays to be specific.

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