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Colin Fay

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Back from useR! 2019

I’m back from useR! 2019!, Toulouse, where I gave one talk and aworkshop. Here are the links to the materials.


Contributing to the R ecosystem

useR! newbie session

A short talk about things you can do as a beginner to contibute to the Recosystem.



Hacking RStudio: Advanced Use of your Favorite IDE

useR! Workshop session

Have you ever wanted to become more productive with RStudio? Then thisworkshop is made for you!

You’ve been wandering the web for a while now, reading about all thethings the cool kids do with RStudio: building addins, using projecttemplates, managing connections, playing around with the rstudioapipackage… All this seems pretty nifty but so far you have never find thetime to sit down and learn how to master these skills. Then, you’ve cometo the right place — this workshop will teach you how to push theboundaries of your basic RStudio usage, in order to become moreefficient in your day to day usage of RStudio.



Example of answers to the exercises

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