How we built a DOH CDN with 20+ global edge servers in 10 days.

Sebastiaan Deckers on October 10, 2018

Just months ago the Commons Host static hosting CDN launched with a single edge server. Today there are over 20 edge servers around the world. Th... [Read Full]
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Is that normal that the signup page doesn't load ?


Are you on Firefox? The Commons Host dashboard uses Web Components, a standard that is only supported by the very latest versions of Firefox. Try Firefox 63 or later. Currently that would be Beta/Developer (63) or Nightly (64). IIRC the same requirement applies for DNS over HTTPS.


PS: I find Web Components are great to work with as a frontend developer and well supported by Chrome and Safari. Edge just announced their implementation is in-progress.


I'm on Firefox 62.0.2.

Isn't any tool to translate WC to a static page, for compatibility?

There are polyfills but they are non-trivial. Huge size and too many edge-cases that defeat the purpose of open standards based development.

FWIW the dashboard is very limited in functionality at the moment. You may be better off using the CLI toolchain.

The development flow is typically: design/docs -> api -> cli -> web.

Thanks, I missed that.

BTW, the CSS seems a bit weird on the help page.

Interesting. That's probably not a Firefox issue since it looks like this for me with 62.0.3 (current stable for MacOS from

I attempted to avoid loading a web font and constructed a CSS font stack that would use a native condensed ("narrow") type face on as many platforms as I could test.

Which OS/WM are you using? Is there any font installed on your system, by default, with a condensed or narrow variant?

Arch Linux / I3WM, and I don't know, never checked. I didn't install any font besides the default ones.

Thanks, I'll check it out. Second Arch user showing me this font issue this week.

@artemix Follow up: I think the fonts should be slightly improved on Arch now. Worked for the other person. Their Arch system includes "Nimbus Sans Narrow" and "DejaVu Sans Condensed" fonts.


The font is, indeed, better.

On another topic, I'm gonna host an instance on Paris, and maybe in south France too, depending on my available hardware.

I just saw your GitLab and the ACDN project. Very nice! Want to DM about it via Twitter or email?

It's pretty much stalled, as it firstly was a pet project to try to see problems I'd hit building such a system, and how I'd resolve them, really unfit for production.

Instead, I'm going with this DOH CDN for production.

Still, if you wanna chat, don't hesitate to go with e-mail.

Sure, would love to learn how it goes. Maybe we can connect your nodes to Commons Host DOH somehow? Been thinking of a way to build a secure global DOH network using volunteer hosted RasPi-like devices.


A WireGuard VPN may be the solution for security purposes. Easy to setup and efficient


Congratulations on your work! This platform is Super cool! Keep doing well, and i got some errors while deploying


Hi Yoginth! Thank you, that means a lot. :)

Let me take a look, should be a simple fix on my end. (Famous last words...)

Update: Should be fixed now. Disabled auto-renewal of the API server's certificate a while ago. Just did a manual renewal. Will automate this asap.


Ah, that's a different issue. The deployment actually was successful. I see the static files in the backend (object store). But the API call from the CLI timed out because processing and deploying the files took too long.

So while the API was doing its work, and taking a minute or so, the CLI client got impatient and showed you a FetchError.

I am planning to replace the synchronous deployment API with an asynchronous design. That should prevent this confusion.


Thanks for the feedback btw! Really helps me focus on solving these friction issues. ☺️

PS: If you deploy Markdown ( it is not automatically converted to HTML. Run a local build (or in CI) before deploying.

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