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Best Resource for data structure and algorithms for beginners

It's time for giving placement period some priority, in this section I would like to share with you guys, one of the best and structured way approach for technical interviews.

Let us assume that we have placement preparation within one or two years and we just know basic level of coding and don't even know implementation of linkedlist and other data structures. Then is it possible to crack product based companies????


So, if you know hindi(language)then you can follow pepcoding youtube channel

some of the highlight of this youtube channel are their team have posted more 1200+ videos on each and every question of datastructure and algorithm in Java.
Including every level of ds algo - like arrays, linkedlist, stack, queues, etc
I personally love the way Sumeet Malik sir teaches you and you will definitely be his fan once you attend his single lecture, you're gonna fell in love with DS Algo, I bet.

They have team of few peoples who teach each and every concept in live sessions usually 10-15 minutes long on youtube and other videos are available in their playlist, you can check that out.

But, It is just a youtube channel, how is that a structured way for technical interview??

As I said you will get each and every concept on youtube channel but they have one website where you can watch video topic wise and attempt the question simultaneously.

Some features of this website

  1. They have managed more than 1000 questions in
    difficulty wise level ( level-1 begineer ,
    level-2 intermediate , level-3 Advanced)and
    that too topic wise.

  2. You will get video solution and problem
    explanation of each and every problem.

  3. If you are preparing for placements and You
    know hindi, you'll thank me later about this.

The difference between theirs youtube channel and website is that, On website you will get every thing very well organised, like you try to attempt a question and (if not able to attempt) then you get immediate solution to that.

I know there are people like me who are begineer, who are advised to solve every thing from GFG but dont know the initial process of how to start, how to plan things out, how to give time for one problem as begineer, intermediate and advance.
You can try this out.

So, I hope you guys would get benefitted from this, and wish you for best placements possible.

Thanks for reading.

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