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Finding IP addresses downloading a torrent using Python

If you want to skip the intro, you can go right to the tutorial on exploring a torrent using Python

Many people pirate movies, music and other files using the Torrent network.

Users are used to visiting sites like The Pirate Bay, clicking a magnet link, and starting a download in their favourite application like uTorrent, qTorrent, Vuze, etc.

When the file is done downloading, they get to watch their movie, and that's the end of things.

What most users don't realize is the world knows they are downloading the file. It is public information.

HBO has leveraged this fact to send out legal threats to people illegally downloading Game of Thrones. They're not the only ones. The Torrent network has always been heavily monitored.

In this brief tutorial, we'll show how you can use Python to open a torrent file and scan the network to see who is sharing & downloading it

View the tutorial

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