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The future of ecommerce is with Jamstack: Next.js, Contentful and Shopify

We’re trying something new in the Contentful DevRel team. Myself and Shy Ruparel are joining forces for four weeks of live streams to explore, experiment and build with Next.js, Contentful and Shopify — with the goal of proving why Jamstack is the future of ecommerce. You’re all invited!

Follow ContentfulDevs on Twitch and join us when we begin our journey May 18, 2021.

Jamstack is no longer just JavaScript, APIs and Markup

Since its origin in the mid 2010s, Jamstack has evolved into a super-speedy, fully-scalable, secure ecosystem of “headless” tools for building web applications. Jamstack architecture promotes tools that separate frontend and backend functionalities to allow full-stack teams to move faster. It encourages serving static HTML to browsers that is pre-rendered at build time. Jamstack has empowered small teams and individuals to build and deploy full-stack applications without the overhead of traditional model-view-controller application architecture.

Today, developers are using Jamstack and open-source software to bootstrap, build and deploy websites in a matter of minutes.

Since the world moved almost entirely to the web during the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have entered a new era of digital transformation. This shift has particularly impacted small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) offering physical products and services. Due to the inability to trade in-person, businesses had to move to online offerings to preserve their income. However, traditional all-in-one monolith solutions for ecommerce can be very costly for SMEs. That’s where Jamstack can help.

Scale online as you grow your business

Ecommerce doesn’t have to cost a lot when you’re starting out. With Jamstack, you’ll only need to invest in the ecommerce tools to provide stock inventory and checkout functionality. This can start from as little as $29 per month, depending on the vendor. With that taken care of, you can build, deploy and release a basic website for free using popular hosting platforms such as Netlify and Vercel, and you can sign up with Contentful for free to serve your landing page content and marketing materials to your website. As your business grows and you’re serving millions of customers every day, Jamstack will scale with you.

But is it really that simple?

Salma and Shy will prove it

For four weeks, Salma and Shy from the Contentful DevRel team will join forces to test this theory. Their hypothesis is that the future of ecommerce is supported by Jamstack. Their goal? To build an ecommerce site from the ground up using only Jamstack tools. They’ll be using Next.js, Contentful and Shopify. And who knows, maybe they’ll end up building the next ecommerce empire — Jamstack will ensure their empire scales as they do.

Follow ContentfulDevs on Twitch and join Salma and Shy on their journey. It kicks off May 18, 2021.

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