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React Conferences Worth Checking in 2021

I remember the day when React JS was released in 2013 with the promise of transforming front-end development. I also remember how skeptical I was of this promise.

By next year, React JS had been proclaimed king of the front-end and this still holds true today, along with React Native used for mobile apps.

Why? Simplicity.

React JS is easy to implement, quick to develop, and by allowing the breaking down of complex UI into simpler components, React JS apps are faster with a better user experience.

On top of that, React is fairly easy to learn, especially if you already know your JavaScript.

And the best way to learn and stay on top of everything React (besides OFC), are conferences. You can say I joined the movement a bit late but we all live and learn. So I made an effort to understand what is out there and plan my attendance. With that in mind, let me take you through five React conferences I think are worth of your time till the end of this year, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, both FREE and PAID FOR.

So here goes nothing.

Render(ATL) - September 13 - 15, 2021

Starts today so you don’t have much time. Go register. Titled Culture, Inclusion, React and has already sold over 300 tickets, RenderATL is the first major React conference in the Southern US. It was founded by a team of passionate React engineers looking to help increase diversity, inclusion, and accessibility into the React ecosystem.

The conference offers beginners and advanced engineers alike a great opportunity to learn from speakers from companies such as PayPal, AWS, Spotify, Microsoft, Google, and more.

It’s also the perfect networking opportunity for US-based engineers!

Price: $1,302 and up, depending on the workshops you choose
Venue: The Gathering Spot, Atlanta, GA
Number of speakers: 22
Number of attendees: 300+

React Day New York Online - October 5, 2021

Open to developers of all backgrounds, skill sets, and experience levels, React Day New York 2021 is designed as a full-day conference devoted to React.js, React Native, and GraphQL.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the latest techniques, best practices in front-end development, and grow your network.

Having been sponsored by global leaders such as Gatsby, Asana, Crystallize, and Discovery Channel, React Day New York once again welcomes accomplished individuals and new faces in the industry as speakers.

Best of all, the conference is free and you can even check stream talks from their 2019 edition to get the feel.

Price: Free
Venue: Online
Number of speakers: 3 confirmed, more TBA
Number of attendees (past conferences): 300 (venue, expect more because it is online)

React Conference Live - October 7 - 8, 2021

One of the biggest React Conferences is back, both in-person and online.

A great networking event, and THE place to learn about the state of React in 2021 and discuss the future of the front-end. You’ll have the chance to watch presentations from experts from companies such as Microsoft, Elastic, Uber, and Stack Overflow on the stunning 500 m2 screen available in Theater Amsterdam.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, make sure to tune in to the free live stream!

Price: €599 on sale, €999 full price/ Free online streaming
Venue: Hybrid - Online or Theater Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL
Number of speakers: 20+
Number of attendees: 250 in-person attendees

React Advanced London - October 22 - 25, 2021

Whichever your level of experience with React is, you won’t make a mistake if you opt for React Advance London - as long as you’re prepared for “hardcore”.

After the two tracks of talks: general and pro, you’ll have the chance to join live chat rooms, after parties, make new friends, and new opportunities.
Experts from companies such as Discord, Apollo, Facebook, Shopify, Stack Overflow, and more, will cover all things React, from the micro-services architecture to Design Systems, GraphQL, types, and testing strategies.

Price: €180 online, €570 full ticket (early bird)
Venue: Hybrid - Online or The Brewery, London, UK
Number of speakers: 60+
Number of attendees: 20k+ in-person and online

International JavaScript Conference - October 25 - 29, 2021

Although the International JavaScript Conference covers more than only React, the quality of its React track has earned it a spot on this list.

This track will help any developer learn to create fast, scalable, and simple but large web applications from top-notch experts from companies such as Mailchimp, MongoDB, and MaibornWolff.

And in case you’d like to widen your area of expertise, you can always attend lectures on anything from Angular, to WebAssembly, Progressive Web Apps, and JAMstack.

Price: €1485 for full access, €423 for one day
Venue: Hybrid - Online or Holiday Inn City Centre, Munich
Number of speakers: 60+
Number of attendees (past conferences): N/A

React India - November 12 - 13, 2021

The first event of its kind in India, React India is a non-profit initiative that aims to provide a platform for developers to share and discuss their React experiences.

You’ll have the chance to listen to some of the leading global talents speak on various topics related to React, including React Native, GraphQL, VR and AR, Redux, Preact, and more.

In this single-track event, make sure to make use of networking sessions and establish connections with front-end and full-stack developers from across the world.

Price: Free - $75
Venue: Online
Number of speakers: 3 confirmed, more TBA
Number of attendees (past conferences): N/A

OK so it's 6 conferences not 5. But this is my take and, if by any chance you have already attended any of these let me know. I’d love to hear what you think! And TBH budget will dictate everything.

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