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Python: My Most Valuable Resources

I started my excursion into Python in the fall of 2019. Since then, I've come across some resources that have really helped me a lot in learning the language. I wanted to take a bit of time to share my most valuable Python resources here for anyone searching for where to begin when diving into Python.

Head First Python

I’m a big fan of the Head First series. They're just awesome books to read through. Head First Python is tremendously helpful for anyone starting out with the language. It’s a great way to get started in learning the basics, going up to working with data structures, and building your own web application. While it’s not a deep dive into Python, it’s enough to give you a great, solid foundation and move on to more advanced content when you’re ready. For beginners, you can’t go wrong with the Head First series.

Python Crash Course

Python Crash Course is another excellent book for those starting out in their Python journeys. It covers the basics very clearly and breaks down concepts in a very easy to understand manner. There are a good amount of fun exercises and you’re not thrown into them so early on that you feel lost. The book is structured in a really wonderful step-by-step manner and in reading through it, everything just makes sense, is easy to comprehend, and a lot of fun to read as well.

Crash Course Cheat Sheets

Courtesy of No Starch Press, these downloadable pdf cheat sheets are the perfect companion to Python Crash Course. They're great resources when you need refreshers, practice, and as quick coding resources. Whether you’re just starting out with Python or are already well into the language, these pdfs are extremely useful and will be a very valuable asset along your Python path.

Learn Python From Scratch

Educative is a fantastic learning platform I discovered several months back and have started utilizing more frequently. Having been so accustomed to video courses, I was on the fence at first, but the platform is so well put together than it just drew me in. This introduction to Python course is free, but you will need to register in order to access it. What I love most about educative is the clean, concise presentation which is very easy to follow and doesn't feel overwhelming.

Invent With Python

Thanks to Al Sweigart for all of his amazing contributions to the Python community. I’ve purchased his paperback books and still browse through this site for reference and fun projects to take on. His books, including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and Cracking Codes with Python, are available to read online here at no cost. There’s also a link to his YouTube channel which has some great tutorials.

Real Python

Real Python has been my go to site lately for tutorials, courses, and especially the quizzes. There is a ton of content on this site with more added frequently. The $19.99 monthly subscription gives you access to their entire course library, new weekly content, and even access to their private Slack community.

I’ve mainly used Real Python to reinforce certain concepts and get a better handle of those I’ve been confused on. Along the way I’ve found a lot of neat tutorials such as Making a 2D Sidescroller with PyGame and The Beginner’s Guide to Python Turtle. There is so much content here that has made me appreciate Python that much more. I’m definitely very pleased with this subscription.

And be sure to check out the great quizzes Real Python has to offer! Real Python Quizzes

Complete Python Developer in 2020: Zero To Mastery

It’s no secret I have great admiration for Andrei Neagoie. He’s the top tier of online educators in my book. His Python course is just excellent from beginning to end. That being said, there is a ton of content to absorb. This is not a course to be rushed through if you are a Python beginner. Please, please take your time with this course. The basic concepts alone are over six hours in length. Learn in pieces, practice what you learn, return to the course once you have a full grasp of the concepts. Trust me, I made the mistake of rushing through sections and I needed to start over and exercise much more patience.

There are a lot of fun projects in this course. You’ll learn error handling, web scraping, file management, automation and testing, and you’ll even go through the basics of Machine Learning!

Python ZtoM is one of my most valuable Python resources to date. It was the introduction to Python for me and I could not have chosen a better course to begin my Python journey with.

Python and Flask Bootcamp

I’ve gone through a number of Jose Portilla’s Python courses on Udemy. He’s an expert in his field and one of the best Python and Data Science instructors out there.

This course takes you through the fundamentals on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Python before diving into Flask. Once there, you’ll learn how to create virtual environments for your Flask projects, how to create Flask forms, work with SQLite databases, REST APIs, and even Stripe payments. You’ll also learn how to create a blog in Flask and deploy to Heroku.

Flask Bootcamp is pretty comprehensive and a perfect course for anyone interested in working with the Flask Framework.

Django 4 and Python Full-Stack Developer Masterclass

Much like his Flask course, this is another great course by Jose Portilla. With over 26,000 students enrolled, Python and Django Full Stack is still one of the best selling courses on Udemy to date.

Another one of Jose’s courses is, again, very comprehensive and takes you from the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Python. Once in Django, you’ll learn all the fundamentals including routing, models, Django admin, and creating form widgets.

If you’re interested in learning Django, this course is really a must have as it covers everything you need to know to start working with the framework. Once you’re done you will have the necessary knowledge to start building Django projects on your own and deploying them on the web.


Finally, if you want to sharpen those Python skills and test your knowledge, sign up to HackerRank. There are vast amounts of practices, competitions, skill certification exams, and even interview preparation tutorials. I just started diving in to HackerRank and am really noticing how much it helps to solidify my knowledge.

I hope these resources will come in handy for those interested in Python. It's really a wonderful language and so much fun to learn and develop with.

Happy coding!

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