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You are an interesting guy. What exactly do you mean by office-less? My jobs have had varying amounts and degrees of office


You're too kind. Thank you.

We all work remotely. Currently there are 5 of us:

  • I'm in Los Angeles, CA
  • My co-founder is in Brooklyn, NY
  • We have a developer in San Diego, CA
  • We have another designer and developer in Dallas, TX
  • And a designer in Zagreb, Croatia

We work hard to make it work. Having the personal flexibility to work when we want, where we want is important to us. We work on 3 different teams, Growth (Marketing and Sales), Product (Design, Implementation, Support and Testing), ExCo (Finance, Legal, and Human Resources). One key is having a fixed cadence for all of our teams. We start each week with a Structured check-in meeting to discover if any of us are blocked on anything and setup ad-hoc meetings if we need to jam together. If something gets real harry, we might fly to visit one another. But that happens maybe 3X per year.

There are a growing number of these sorts of companies: Invision, Zapier, Hot Jar, and so many more.

Ahh, I vastly underestimated the amount of officeless-ness you were speaking of. That is a neat concept. Thanks for elaborating!

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