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2 free data security tools every dev should know (and use)

The goal behind encrypting sensitive data is to prevent leakage if the application or the database was attacked. Application level encryption (encrypt data before storing in the database, decrypt after reading) provides maximum protection.

💡 To help developers integrate encryption easily and without hassle, we maintain several open-source data security tools that you can download from GitHub and use for free.

Acra database security suite by Cossack Labs

Quickly encrypt your sensitive data in SQL/NoSQL databases and distributed apps with Acra.

As a database security suite, Acra provides 9 strong security controls in one shot to solve your data security vital needs.

We designed Acra to be flexible and reliable, easy to install and use.

💡 With no huge changes in code, you can encrypt data using application level encryption before storing it in the database. Besides encryption, Acra supports search over encrypted data, data masking and data tokenization, SQL request firewall, audit logging, and many other features.

The latest version of Acra Community Edition is available on Github:

Themis by Cossack Labs

Themis is an open-source high-level cryptographic library, perfect for protecting sensitive data (PII, locations, etc.) in most applications.

Add Themis in your app for secure data storage, secure message exchange, secure socket connections, and authentication across 15 platforms and languages.

💡 Themis keeps trusted, verified, and audited cryptography under the hood, so you will be protected from making security and cryptography mistakes.

Download the latest version of Themis from Github:

Check these free tools out, use them, and keep your data protected. 🔐
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Mark Smith

I know a great startup that works in this direction. I can leave you a link to their official website about real time data protection. I think the issue of cloud data protection has become the most pressing right now, because we have seen an increase in cyber-attacks lately. Especially for large organizations storing a lot of different data in multiple clouds. The risks are too high, so what this young but experienced team is doing is very important.

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