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What would I want to be doing? I'd love to be a professional published (fiction) author in whatever shape that takes. Whether it's being a novelist, a serial writer, a show writer, etc. doesn't matter, I'd love to do it.

And honestly, if I could really choose and be fine financially, I'd like to be indie


For a while in high school, since I was a massive Band Geek, I really wanted to arrange music for concert and marching bands. I studied Music Theory in college for a bit, before realizing that I would have a very hard time finding a job in that field.

I also started writing a play/musical or two, and never finished anything. I'd like to think that I'd be doing something like that right about now.


Writing science fiction, but I make notes about what I want to write when the inspiration hits so that if I ever get the oppourtunity it won't be from a cold start.


drawing and coloring comics or doing market investigation and analysis :D


I'd be working in marketing and copywriting, those are cool.


I always had a dream of becoming a pilot until I found software engineering.


I would probably be doing something like astrophysics or engineering, either mechanical or electrical, or possibly paleontology, although I struggled with geology, eventually dropping it.

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