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What would I want to be doing? I'd love to be a professional published (fiction) author in whatever shape that takes. Whether it's being a novelist, a serial writer, a show writer, etc. doesn't matter, I'd love to do it.

And honestly, if I could really choose and be fine financially, I'd like to be indie


For a while in high school, since I was a massive Band Geek, I really wanted to arrange music for concert and marching bands. I studied Music Theory in college for a bit, before realizing that I would have a very hard time finding a job in that field.

I also started writing a play/musical or two, and never finished anything. I'd like to think that I'd be doing something like that right about now.


drawing and coloring comics or doing market investigation and analysis :D


I would probably be doing something like astrophysics or engineering, either mechanical or electrical, or possibly paleontology, although I struggled with geology, eventually dropping it.


I'd be working in marketing and copywriting, those are cool.


I always had a dream of becoming a pilot until I found software engineering.

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