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Thanks for writing :) I really loved this subject when I was in college and this brings back some of that excitement.

I found it amazing what Chomsky had achieved. Escpecially how his theory affected the Behaviorist school of psychology.

The third reason for rejecting behaviorism is connected with Noam Chomsky.
Chomsky has been one of behaviorism's most successful and damaging critics. In a
review of Skinner's book on verbal behavior (see above), Chomsky (1959) charged
that behaviorist models of language learning cannot explain various facts about
language acquisition, such as the rapid acquisition of language by young children,
which is sometimes referred to as the phenomenon of “lexical explosion.”


Another takeaway I got from the Chomsky hierarchy is that if you seek for patterns in a text that are described by a grammar (replacement rules), regexes are not going to cut it. You'll need a parser.

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